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Plastic bags also cause pelican cancer.


So my buddy Isaiah came up with a pretty unique/damn cool art idea.

He took an outdated, cheap television from Goodwill and on it he painted a detailed conifer forest in the midst of winter. Then he scratched off a number of small specks from the paint of the sky.

Now when he sets the television to a static channel, the stars in the sky sparkle and flicker. My camera can’t do justice for either video footage of this awesome effect or a proper photograph, unfortunately. 

Note on these photos: the television was set to a channel producing multi colored static, and the frame of the tv was still wrapped in white tape.

I’m considering finding myself a very small tv and commissioning him to create an outer space piece in this same conceptual style. But with black and white static.

Ah! Such a neat idea. You can find more of his art here.